Aftercare of Your New Voodoo Monkey Tattoo

Posted on: 10/17/18 11:27 PM

Taking care of your new tattoo is serious – you don’t want to let your tattoo fade or heal badly! If the proper aftercare technique is not followed, your beautiful tattoo could turn into a disaster!

Remember, your new tattoo is basically an open wound that’s very prone to infection. Proper care will minimize these risks – your artist is not responsible for any infection or issues you may have if you do not take appropriate care of your new tattoo.

The following are our top aftercare tips to help your new tattoo heal well:

The First Day

Yay, your tattoo is done!

Leave your bandage on overnight. (If a saniderm bandage has been applied, leave it on for three days.)

The Second Day

WASH – After you remove the bandage, you should start washing your tattoo twice a day to ensure it stays clean. Use witch hazel (an astringent found in your local pharmacy) on a paper towel to remove blood and/or plasma to clean the tattoo and surrounding skin. Allow it to completely air dry.

MOISTURIZE – Then you’ll want to ensure it stays moisturized! After it’s dry, follow with a very light, very thin application of your choice of Palmers coco butter or Redemption – our recommended lotions. Remember: THIN amounts. Don’t lather. Do this routine of washing and moisturizing 3-5 times daily for two weeks or anytime the tattoo is dry, tight, or itchy.

DO NOT ITCH! – After a few days, you will notice some peeling and possibly a little scabbing. Don’t itch or scratch it! Even if your tattoo gets flaky or scabs up a bit, if you pick at it or itch, some of the new ink may be scratched away which will fade pieces of the design. Apply a light layer of lotion when it looks dried out. Your tattoo is almost healed!

The First Two Weeks

DAILY ROUTINE – Continue to take care of the tattoo by keeping it clean and moisturized until it is fully healed. Use common sense – your tattoo will probably need more cleanings if you are dirt biking vs if you’re sitting at home all day watching Netflix.

SHOWERING – Yes, you can shower with your new tattoo. Use a mild, unscented soap to avoid irritation. It is okay to get your tattoo wet – just don’t soak it! Voodoo Monkey Tattoo recommends keeping a dry washcloth in the shower to pad your wet tattoo dry.

NO BATHS – Submerging a new tattoo in a bath, hot tun, pool or Jacuzzi can cause serious damage! Avoid soaking for at least two weeks.

After It’s Healed – Ongoing Tattoo Care

LONG-TERM AFTERCARE – From now on you will need to protect it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These can fade and damage a brilliant tattoo very fast. Before spending a lot of time in excessive heat, protect your tattoo with a minimum 30 SPF sunblock. This will keep your tattoo vibrant for years to come!

Tattoos can take between two weeks (for small designs) and a few months (for large designs) to heal. Be patient!


After you get your tattoo, stop by the shop or give us a call if you have any concerns or need a touch up!

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