Cleanliness and aftercare

Posted on: 12/9/19 10:50 AM

Voodoo Monkey Tattoo is dedicated to providing the highest quality tattoo, not just in artistry but in overall experience. Let’s fast forward that experience to the end of your appointment and what happens after. 

You have a brand new tattoo. You may have spent a great deal of time researching your design or perhaps it was a spur of the moment, spontaneous event. Regardless, you want it to last. The artist has given you aftercare instructions, Redemption Aftercare TM lotion, and were wrapped in an appropriate bandage. The artist went over everything you need to know to keep it clean and healthy. 

Have you ever wondered what else we are doing to protect you and your tattoo? There is a great deal to the tattoo process that happens before you even sit down for your appointment. And if we are doing our jobs to the best of our ability, you may not even notice. 

A large part of what we do to prepare is making sure the shop is clean and inviting. Voodoo Monkey Tattoo also makes sure that all equipment used in the tattoo process is sterile and/or sanitized. The set-up for your appointment is for you and you alone. Even if your appointment has more than one person receiving a tattoo; the set-up is broken down, scrubbed, and then replaced with all new wrap. Sharing is not always caring. The artist chooses needles and guides based on design and each item is opened from sterile packaging. Everything that comes into contact with client or artist is wrapped for the protection of both. 

A tattoo is an investment and taking care of it is vital to its longevity. We are always happy to answer your tattoo questions and are here to make sure you enjoy that new tattoo. 

Coalition for Tattoo Safety